Song of The Old Lime Tree 1850


"Winter comes, three days darkness. Lightning and thunder and the break of earth, Pray at home, don't leave the house! And do also not look out of the window! A candle gives the whole time alone, if it wants to burn, you shine. Poisonous air penetrates from the dust night, Black epidemic, worst human battle. The same threatens to concern all humans, But the good ones die a blessed death. Many faithful ones remain marvelous Free of breath cramp and plague danger….A large city is devoured by mud, Another one is struggeling with the fire, All cities become dead quiet, On the Viennese "Stephansplatz" grows Dill (weed)….If you count all humans in the world, You will find out, that one third is missing, What still is remaining, look into each country, Has halfly lost the mind." 1


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