Tibetan Lamas, 1930’s


On a five-year expedition to the East in the 1930’s, the scholar Nicholas K. Roerich recorded the following predictions of Tibetan Lamas. This information is taken from The Peoples Almanac by David Wallechinsky and Irving Wallace.


§         “First will begin an unprecedented war of all nations. Afterward, brother shall rise against brother. Oceans of blood shall flow. They shall forget the meaning of the word Teacher. But then shall the Teachers appear and in all corners of the world shall be heard the true teaching. To this word of truth shall the people be drawn, but those who are filled with darkness and ignorance shall set obstacles. As a diamond, glows the light on the tower of the Lord of Shambhala. (interpreted as the great spiritual kingdom, according to the Lamas.) “


§         “One stone in his ring is worth more than all the world’s treasures. Even those who by accident help the Teachings of Shambhala will receive in return a hundredfold. Already many warriors of the teaching or truth are reincarnated. Only a few years shall elapse before everyone shall hear the mighty steps of the Lord of the New Era. And one can already perceive unusual manifestations and encounter unusual people. Already they open the gates of knowledge and ripened fruits are falling from the trees.”


§         “The banner of Shambhala shall encircle the central lands of the Blessed One. Those who accept him shall rejoice. And those who deny him shall tremble. The denier shall be given over to justice and shall be forgotten. And the warriors shall march under the banner of Maitreya [the coming spiritual leader of the world]”


Taken from Morgana’s Observatory Website at http://www.dreamscape.com/morgana/hyperio2.htm