Berosus, 3 BC


Chaldean astrologer. According to the ancient Greeks, Berosus was considered to be one the greatest magicians of his time, and was also held in high esteem for the accuracy of his astrological predictions. The Greeks honored Berosus by erecting a statue of him with its tongue sculpted from gold, signifying the truth of his forecasts.He was a reputable historian, collecting and translating a three-volume account of Babylonian history into Greek. These volumes also chronicle the story of Gilgamesh (the Chaldean version of Noah's flood.)


         "All terrestrial life and limb shall be consumed by fire during a planetary alignment in [July of CE 2001]. The fire will be followed by a great flood in October when the same planets are conjoined in Capricorn.


         "When the Terror descends (and none denies its descending) abasing, exalting, when the earth shall be rocked and the mountains crumbled and become a dust scattered and you shall be three bands...


         "The ancients, and the later folk shall be gathered to the appointed time of a known day. Then you erring ones, you that cried lies, you shall eat of a tree called Zakkoum, and you shall fill therewith your bellies and drink on top of that boiling water, lapping it down like thirsty camels. This shall be their hospitality on the Day of Doom. (LVI, 1-55.)


         "So, when the Trumpet is blown with a single blast and the earth and the mountains are lifted up and crushed with a single blow, then, on that day, the Terror shall come to pass, and heaven shall be split, for upon that day it shall be very frail, and the angels shall stand upon its borders, and upon that day eight shall carry above them the Throne of thy Lord.


         "On that day you shall be exposed, not one secret of yours concealed. Then as for him who is given his book in his right hand, he shall say, 'Here, take and read my book! Certainly I thought that I should encounter thy reckoning.' So he shall be in a pleasing life in a lofty Garden, its clusters nigh to gather.


         'Eat and drink with wholesome appetite for that you did long ago, in the days gone by.'


         "But as for him who is given his book in his left hand, he shall say, 'Would that I had not been given my book and not known my reckoning! Would it had been the end! My wealth has not availed me, my authority is gone from me.' Take him, and fetter him, and then roast him in Hell, then in a chain of seventy cubits' length insert him! Behold, he never believed in God the All-mighty, and he never urged the feeding of the needy; therefore he today has not here one loyal friend, neither any food saving foul pus, that none excepting the sinners eat." (LXIX, 41-39) 1


1. Taken from Futureverse website. No longer online. (hard copy available upon request)