David Croly (1829-1889)


David G. Croly (1829-1889) was born in Ireland, and emigrated with his parents to New York. He became a journalist for the New York Evening Post and the Herald, and was editor of World magazine. Croly made his first prediction in 1871, foretelling in detail the Panic of 1873. He began writing the column "Sir Oracle" for the Real Estate Record & Builder’s Guide, intended "to be read today and judged in the year 2000". The columns were reprinted in Croly’s Glimpses of the Future (1888). David Croly accurately predicted that Germany would instigate World War Two. He foretold of India’s independence from British rule, the dominance of the USSR, and new technologies such as motion pictures, photoelectric printing, air travel, and electric power. Croly also made predictions that still await fulfillment. He saw that new states will be formed from Texas and California, and a new Constitution will be adopted under the pressure of radical changes and civil war. The USA will expand to absorb Canada, Central America, and the West Indies. (20) 1


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