The Buddhist, Desin Shegpa


“In the line of Karmapa incarnations, between the XVIth and XVIIth, Buddhist teachings in general and the Karma Kamtsang in particular Will hibernate like bees in the winter. The family line of the Chinese Emperor will come to an end And his country will be dominated by whomever is strongest. From the north and east, Tibet will be invaded And encircled like a ring... Whatever is done wrong; Whomever you speak to will oppose you. Good conduct will degenerate and the bad will flourish... In the succession of Karmapas, during the later part of the XVIth Karmapa's life And the beginning of the XVIIth, one with broken samaya will surface As a lama having the name Na-tha And appear at the main seat. By the power of his twisted aspirations, The Dharma of the Karmapa will be nearly destroyed. At that time, one with previous, positive aspirations, A heart emanation of Padmasambhava, will come from the West. With a necklace of moles and a mind that is swift and furious. He will wrathfully proclaim words of the Dharma. This one with a dark complexion and protruding eyes Will vanquish the emanation who has broken samaya. He will protect Tibet for a while and at that time, There will be happiness like that of seeing the sun. This is the way I think it will happen with the Tibetan community.  Even if one comes whose previous aspirations arise as positive karma, Because the Dharma is on the wane and evil intentions of the maras have come to fruition, It will be difficult for happiness to arise”


1. Taken from Futureverse website. No longer online. (hard copy available upon request)