Gordon Michael Scallion


 Gordon-Michael Scallion, an ex- electronics consultant in the USA, in 1979 he became sick with a mystery illness only to cure himself and begin to have vivid prophetic visions which he wrote down and mailed to friends.


"This time, I began to see moving pictures in my peripheral vision. Usually, they were scenes of people doing things. Many of the scenes were ancient places, such as Grecian temples. Other times, I would see visions of communities in rural settings. I would see glass, glittering domes scattered through the countryside." (My note- this is also what Edgar Cayce says that he saw in a vision from a future life in America)


"Each night, I saw the Earth, going through some different pain and I saw something shifting or changing in the Earth." He decided to write down the nightmares and then sent them to 100 close friends. "Within a month, some of the events on those lists began to happen. One of the first events that occurred was a volcanic eruption in the Philippines."


"We are going to see a great move of consciousness toward new thought not tied into religious thought but highly spiritual. These things will expand. However, at the same time, there will be an opposite polarity that is going to want to hold on to the old paradigm and the old thought form. This is what will bring about global war, and will accelerate earth changes. So both things will occur. The end result - the visions, which are in full colour for me - is that the world does not end on some magical day, but continues on and enters into a whole new spiritual realm."  1


Transcript Of Scallion's Appearance On The Roseanne Show March 4, 1999


Roseanne: Now also on today's show, Todd and I have one of our very favourite people back, Gordon Michael Scallion. Did you all see that show? It's so scary. It's scary because he's like, known as the modern day Nostradamus, you know. check this out. When he appeared on my show last January 19, he told us all of this stuff was going to happen, like, okay, he predicted the death of Pope John Paul II this year, which we don't know. but, anyway, traumatic earth changes that will change the North American continent as we know it, not to mention killing millions of people, probably like us. And we got such a tremendous response. Some people thought he was crazy and everything, but two things already came true! Check this out, he said that earthquakes would start to rock the globe, specifically in South America and that would signal the start of big quakes here in California. So then on January 25, a 6.0 quake rocked Colombia, killing 878 and injuring more than 3,000. And he also said that World War III was going to begin in Turkey, starting as a Holy War. So, check this out. On February 15, Kurdish guerrilla leader, Abdulla Oshalem was arrested and brought back to stand trial in Turkey where more than 30,000 people have already been killed in terrible fighting and as a result of Oshalem's arrest, violent protests have erupted around the world. I mean, this guy is scary.


It's like, right on, you know. Now when this all happened, I wondered, what is next? So I asked Gordon back. Here he comes from Florida, where he is on vacation. Where are you? Where is he? HI!


Gordon Michael Scallion: Hi,


Roseanne. R: Hi, Gordon.


GMS: Hi, Roseanne.


R: He's on the monitor there. Well, now we're really scared.


GMS: Things are starting to happen, aren't they? 


R: Yeah. Things are starting to happen. What else can you... you've got some new stuff going on in November of 1999?


GMS: Later this year. November is a crucial month for two things. The first thing I see is a severe economic downturn and I believe it's going to be caused by a run on banks globally, a lot of it due to the fear of Y2K, which we spoke about the last time I was on the show. 


R: Right.


GMS: the other thing I see is... R: So you don't think there's really going to be a Y2K problem, just the fear and dread that it might happen.


 GMS: There will be problems, but it's not going to be a global shutdown electronically. (MY NOTE- HE WAS RIGHT THERE !) Third world countries will not do very well. The United States will have some intermittent shutdowns, but I do not see it being the global complete meltdown. I do see it, however, emotionally driving the markets as well as the trade deficit in this country. Those are two elements I see affecting the stock markets or all markets in November. 


R: What else do you have about us finding a new power source at the end of this year?


GMS: That's perhaps one of the greatest things that I've seen. My background is technical, so I'm always interested in seeing things that are technical. but I believe before this year's out, we're going to see or the announcement will come of a design that they can transmit power wirelessly. In other words, without power lines, and then we'll start to see this new technology emerge because the current power grid that we now have, in November and December, is going to be shocked. We're going to have some major blackouts in this country.


R: Is there anything that any of us can do to prepare ourselves for the things that are coming at the end of 1999?


GMS: The best things that we can do is to prepare now as if we were going to have a hurricane or some natural disaster. It's the communities that are going to survive, people who come together. And it's more of a case of looking and re-evaluating your value systems. You can do the basic clothing and food and medicine survival, but the real survival comes with family and the family unit in your community.


 R: So you're saying that like we got to get it together, because if we get it together, then we're going to be able to help each other through it rather than just sitting there on top of our wads of money all by ourselves? GMS: The wads of money in the world are going to go away very soon. A good portion, more than 50% of the wealth of the world is going to dissolve by the end of this year and so money is not going to have the same value system. What will have the same value system is working in community and groups. R: So more barter, right?


GMS: Barter will be very big.


R: Wow.


GMS: As well the basics of gold and silver and food and clothing and commodities. these things will have...  


R: Well, I have to tell you, I'm buying a whole, like two years' worth of food. I'm keeping it and I guess I'll not tell anyone where it is 'cause I don't want anyone to come and eat it. but maybe I'll share. Do you think I should buy more food and share.


GMS: You'll share.


R: Thank you for being here. Weird, scary stuff to think about.


GMS: My pleasure.


R: We're going to stay on top of it, too. We're going to stay on top of it, because every time something he said happens, it just freaks me out. It's amazing. He's an amazing person.  1


Other Predictions




  1. South America Quake; Significant Earthquake to hit South America in January ,West Coast America - if a significant quake, greater than magnitude 7.0, hits South America then a quake of equal magnitude will hit the West Coast of North America shortly after


  1. Pole Shift - A movement in the Earth core causes a shift in the magnetic field that will be measurable.


  1. Solar Flares - Massive solar flares hit Earth. Satellites and power grid affected. Tornadoes &emdash; Record breaking tornadoes hit U.S.


  1. Economy declines; Major stock markets decline occurs in October/November




  1. The transmission of wireless power demonstrated


  1. The pope; The Pope passes over


  1. War; Conflicts begin in Turkey followed by war in Yugoslavia. Short lived, but a new one emerges


  1. Y2K Financial and Power Grid Systems; Third Word countries will be hard hit as a result of Y2K. North America will have intermittent difficulties. On a scale from 1 to 10 North America will be a 3. Third World counties a 8+. The greater difficulty with Y2K is panic and fear - bank runs, declining markets. Some outages in North America from Y2K. More from solar flares. 1

 1. Taken from Futureverse website. No longer online. (hard copy available upon request)