John Taylor


The revelation given to John Taylor, as recorded by Wilford Woodruff, and published in Kraut's Visions of the Latter Days, describes the horror in America:


         "I continued on my way passing through Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Iowa, and saw many women moving about in an excited manner. Sickness and death prevailed on all sides. The inhabitants of Illinois and Missouri were in dreadful condition, the men and women killing each other in the most brutal manner.


         "Next I visited the City of Washington DC and found the place deserted and in ruins. From there I went to Baltimore and on the square, where stands the monument of 1812, dead bodies of the inhabitants of the place were piled in heaps. While there I saw mothers cut the throats of their own children and drink the blood in order to quench their thirst. The waters of Chesapeake Bay were so befouled from the effect of the dead bodies that the water could not be used. Sickness and death prevailed throughout the city and the stench was something awful..."


Taylor then visited Philadelphia and New York, which suffered likewise:


         "The sights that met my view on all sides were so horrible to look upon that it would be impossible for me to describe them.


         "After these scenes had passed, I found myself standing on the left bank of the Missouri River, just oppsoite to where stood the City of Independence and soon discovered that the states of Illinois, Missouri, and part of Iowa had been swept clean of its inhabitants and the surrounding country was a complete wilderness...


         "I then looked over the country; in every direction as far as I could see, a similar condition prevailed. I then passed eastward above the earth and looking down saw many people coming west, mostly women who were carrying small bundleson their backs, and I thought it strange that there were so few men among them. They were on their way to the mountains, and I wondered how they could get there as the railroads were abandoned and the rails were in bad condition..." (KRAUT, Ogden: The White Horse Prophecy; 1993, Pioneer Press) 1


1. Taken from Prophecy A History of the Future (Internet Edition), by Robert A. Nelson at