Richard Kieninger, 1963


Richard Kieninger the late Founder of the U.S. “Adelphi Organisation”, “Stelle Group” and the author of The apocalyptic “Ultimate Frontier” (Abanes, 1963). He died in March 2002.


“A few months later, the seismic reapportionment of the world's land masses will come upon most of the survivors of Armageddon as a blessing. After Armageddon and Doomsday less than a tenth of the world's population will be alive to see the year 2001 AD. The intensity of the earthquakes will be greater than has ever been measured by scientists. All the volcanoes of the world will burst forth, and a host of new ones will join them. Vast quantities of heavy gases like carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide will be hurtled into the stratosphere by the erupting volcanoes. The gases will become super-cooled in the outer reaches of the atmosphere and then descend upon the surface of the Earth in convection currents of such magnitude that hurricane winds will howl over the face of the world. The skies will be filled with dust and choking fumes so that even the sun will not be seen directly for months. Walls of water a thousand feet high will roar across the submerging land and sweep away everything before them. Sea and land animals, vegetation, silt and sand will be shredded into jumbled muck. Where soil is not washed away, it will be covered by boulders and stone and the newly exposed sea bottom will be worthless for growing crops. The stench of decay and the bleak destruction everywhere will drive many human survivors hopelessly insane. Those who have the strength of their convictions will retain their civilisation and rebuild the world. Those people of course will comprise the Kingdom of God and they will be brought through the awful destruction soon to be visited upon the world. Doomsday will not be without advantages for it ushers in the Golden Age. After October, 2001 AD, the Kingdom of God shall be formed.”1


1. Taken from The Ultimate Frontier, Abanes, 1963 pg 105-107, 138