Ruth Montgomery, 1913-2001




A former political journalist, Ruth Montgomery was first a celebrity medium then a prophet of the New Age. She paints a grim picture of the earth changes which will accompany the transition. There will be earthquakes, and tidal waves that will devastate California, England, Holland and Japan. The casualties will be those individuals who have not prepared spiritually. The survivors will be transformed into 'supermen' and 'superwomen'. She believes a polar shift will take place before the year 2000, possibly June, September or October of 1999. Seasons will change abruptly, high winds will sweep the planet and the water levels of oceans will rise, flooding coastal areas. One of the new poles will be in the Pacific and the other in South America.  Some of the survivors will be rescued by alien ships, who will later return them to designated areas. Where they will teach those left behind new agricultural techniques and building. Those who are judged unfit to live in this enlightened time will soon die off. 1 


1. Taken from “Overview of recent prophets and prophecies” at


The American spiritualist Ruth Montgomery, in a book edited in 1966, produced prophecies given by her deceased friend the famous spiritualist and medium Arthur Ford:


"In the last decade of this century will occur a great shift in the axis and the weather will change so drastically that it will be difficult to recognize old vegetations in many points of the globe. Many people will not survive to this change, but others will, because, after a period of excited seas and incredible speed of wind, the turbulence will cease, and the people in the North will live in a tropical weather and the people in the south in a cold weather. This will happen before the year 2000."


Extracted from Interview


“Nancy: Do you believe that our lives our guided from another level, that we are here to serve a specific purpose?


Ruth: Absolutely! I think that we all volunteered to come to do certain things, and if we open ourselves to guidance and listen to it, absolutely we are being guided, but they are not interfering with our own free will. It's up to us. They don't interfere unless we ask.


Steve: Let's talk about some of the predictions given by the Guides concerning the Earth changes that are supposed to be taking place now and near the end of the century. In your books, they said there will be a major shifting of poles?


Ruth: A shift of the Earth on its axis is the way they say that. They say it will slope to its side, but they don't say how far. That is why it is so important to say, 'a shift of the Earth on its axis.' I used to say 'a shift of the poles' until certain scientists pointed out to me that that was pretty impossible. So it is a shift of the Earth on its axis.The axis itself doesn't shift.


Nancy: What kind of changes have The Guides predicted?


Ruth: It will be a real upheaval, and temperatures will change. Some areas will be in a warmer climate, and some will be in a colder climate. They say that the new south pole will be in the southern part of South America, the North pole will be somewhere in the Pacific. They can't locate it because there will be such a shift in the way the Earth looks from outer space.I can tell you that not too long ago in one of my books, The Guides said that a Walk-In President would come in to alert people as to where they should go and will give enough warning so that some businesses could become established in these safer areas.” 2


2. Taken from Futureverse website. No longer online. (hard copy available upon request)