Sandy Ramussen, Falmouth, Kentucky, U.S.A., 1992-1995 (Our Lady of Light)


Status: Supernatural Evidence Not established and Not excluded (Non constat de supernaturalitate)


Episcopal Remarks: “The commission’s report was very simple, saying that there seemed to be nothing miraculous at the event. The alleged apparitions have neither been approved by nor condemned by the Church”1 (see original document here)


Corroboration by Other Seers:


Biographical Information: Sandy  Ramussen is a 55 year old grandmother who now lives in Highland Heights, Kentucky, U.S.A. Ever since a heavenly voice directed her to visit to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Coldspring, Kentucky in June 1992 Sandy has claimed to be receiving apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  After an interview with Channel 12 news reporter in 1993 in which she was pressed for more information, Sandy predicted the Blessed Virgin would appear on the eighth of each month at a farm just outside Falmouth, Kentucky (about 25 miles south of Cincinatti).  This caused a sensation and tens of thousands of believers converged on the site over a 22 month period, between early 1994 and fall 1995. Despite all of this Sandy remains guarded about her visions, wont talk about them unless asked and routinely avoids publicity.  ''The Falmouth apparitions made up one tiny part of my soul's journey,'' she says. “The experience was a turning point for me. The main message that came out of it was a call to conversion, for people to change their lives.'' 


These recent revelations form just a part of the seers heavenly encounters. From an early age she had many of what she calls spiritual experiences. At the tender age of 7 years, for example, when struggling with polio in rural Wisconsim, she had been placed in an iron lung. At night, when the lights were turned out, she had an apparition of the Last Supper. She had no idea how long it lasted for and didn’t even recognize the scene until she saw it in an illustration. ''I didn't even realize it was the Last Supper - I thought I was seeing monsters,'' she says. ''Later that year, while preparing for my first communion, one of the sisters gave me a holy card. On the back of it was the portrait of the Last Supper. It was only then that I connected it with the apparition.''  Similarly she describes another encounter she had in 1985 whilst striken with unexplained grand mal seizures that had made her comatose for 4 days. After going into respiratory arrest twice on the second day she recalls being aware of the palm of a hand coming towards her, to take her soul from the body. ''From the eyes of my soul, I saw the medical staff on either side of my body working diligently to bring me back,'' Sandy says. ''Then I observed myself being taken out of the room, being led down a corridor. It was like being inside a kaleidoscope. At the end of this corridor, I was lifted into a light, into what I can only describe as a huge room with no walls…'I was aware of a multitude of spiritual beings, all gathered around the Triune. And what came from Him was an indescribable love for these spiritual beings that permeated everything and everyone so completely, the only desire they had was to be with Him. Then I was brought back. The first thing I hear - I understand hearing is the first of the senses to return - is the medical staff. 'We've got her back. Sixty over forty…”


Before all this Sandy was a stay-at-home mom in Villa Hills, then a health-unit co-ordinator At Christ Hostpital. Despite having completed her training to become a registered nurse, the rehabilitation she required prevented her from fulfilling her life long dream.  Sandy explains  ''I thought, 'Why, God? All I want to do is help the sick.' And I heard a voice telling me that I didn't need a degree for what I was being called to do, that all I needed was a compassionate heart.''  Ever since a subsequent vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary directing her to work at the bedside of the terminally ill, Sandy has been visiting the bedsides of the sick, sharing her experiences and helping the dying become reconciled with God. Nowadays She heads up the Mary Rose Mission Hospice; a carehome for the terminally ill established in 1999.


The Messages


We have little information here apart from a transcript of the seers own testimony:  “It started in June of 1992.” this alleged seer, who identified herself only as Sandy, told a publication. “One Sunday evening, something came over me. It was a feeling I can’t even explain. The nurses around asked me what was wrong. I wasn’t sick – but something just wasn’t right. The next day I was off work and at home, doing housework. I started hearing a voice, a female voice, very loving, caring, and soft-spoken. I heard the words very clearly: ‘My child, I want you to go to St. Joseph’s Church in Cold Spring tonight.’ She said this several times throughout the day. At the time, I didn’t know where Cold Spring was. I had never heard of St. Joseph’s Church.”  But Sandy says she did as she was told that very night and, joining a small group for the Rosary (mumbling it the best she could at the time), she suddenly saw the statue begin to come alive. A glowing light surrounded it. And from it came a voice.  “She came in a very white, translucent light,” said Sandy. “She was very youthful, flawless, serene and loving. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Her gestures were slow and loving. When she spoke to me, I became weightless.” What is the purpose? What is the message?  It appears to be one of assurance –that we have a Heavenly Mother, and that in these tough times, she is with us.  We also have a heavenly commander. “Our Lady speaks often about preparing us for spiritual battle,” said Sandy. “In October 1993 she again warned she has come to prepare us for ‘what lies ahead.’ Our Lady told me, ‘It won’t be long until you will have to take your place as warriors in Christ’s army. Satan’s army is already active among you in very deceptive ways.” Our Blessed Mother added: “My children, I am not here to frighten you but to prepare you. My Son and I are always with you to guide and protect you as you seek to do the Father’s Will. I am your loving mother, and bless each one of you and your loved ones.” 2


1. Letter to the visionary from Rev. Donald F. Hellman, Diocesan Administrator, Diocese of Covington

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