Gulf Breeze Six Prophecies/Sean David Morton and Vance Davis (1990)


[1.] War between the U.S. and Iraq--1990. This will last 100 days if the state of Israel does not get involved. (occurred.)

[2.] Los Angeles earthquake in late  1993--8.3 or higher

[3.] Riots in Los Angeles in 1992. (occurred)

[4.] An earthquake in Seattle, Washington in the magnitude of 5.4 or higher will lead to the eruption of Mount Rainier

[5.] Mount Rainier will blow and destroy a large portion of Seattle in late 1993 or the spring of 1994

[6.] The U.S. stock market will crash in 1994

[7.] A huge explosion in New York 1993. (occurred) {The world trade center bomb could be the first huge explosion this year. Another explosion caused by a gas line rupture will take out a large portion of Manhattan. This will be caused by a 6.0 quake outside of New York City that will rupture the aging gas mains. This will actually be caused by a continental flux after the 8.3 quake in Los Angeles.}

[8.] Destruction of New York City and Manhattan by many disasters, natural and manmade between 1996 to 1998

[9.] Race riots in all major cities---1993 to 1994

[10.] Martial law enacted in major cities---1994/1995

[11.] Russian earthquake which will kill 1,000. (occurred.)

[12.] Government will lose AWOL military intelligence soldiers in Atlanta, Georgia.--1990. (occurred.)

[13.] European economic community will be in power by 1992. (occurred.)

[14.] Borders dropped in all of Europe.--1992. (occurred.)

[15.] Military troops will be controlling Chicago—1996

[16.] Terrorist activity in the United States increases--1993 to 1995

[17.] All U.S. air space will be restricted by martial law—1995

[18.]The constitution will be suspended for 90 days--1994/1995

[19.] A house will be destroyed in Massachusetts with 140 people killed

[20.] Major universities will be shut down. ...... [21.] 50 of the worlds top scientists will disappear

[22.] An explosion at a supermarket in 1994 will injure 50 persons with no deaths

[23.] Gun laws passed in 1994

[24.] Explosion in space in 1993. (occurred--satellite explodes.)

[25.] Terrorism increases in Israel--1993 (occurring)

[26.] Homeless and social undesirables rounded-up—1994

[27.] Systematic marking of government employees and all general military personnel takes place--1994/1995

[28.] The Rapture occurs--1995/1996.1


1. Taken from Futureverse website. No longer online. (hard copy available upon request)