Wovoca, Paiute Prophet (1858-1932)


His Vision of the Ghost Dance revival: “When I was in the other world with the Old Man, I saw all the people who have died. But they were not sad. They were happy while engaged in their old-time occupations and dancing, gambling, and playing ball. It was a pleasant land, level, without rocks or mountains, green all the time, and rich in abundance of game and fish. Everyone was forever young. After showing me all of heaven, God told me to go back to Earth and tell His people you must be good and love one another, have no quarreling, and live in peace with the whites; that you must work, and not lie or steal; and that you must put an end to the practice of war. If you faithfully obey your instructions from on high, you will at last be reunited with your friends in a renewed world where there would be no more death or sickness or old age. First, though, the Earth must die. Indians should not be afraid, however. For it will come alive again, just like the sun died and came alive again. In the hour of tribulation, a tremendous earthquake will shake the ground. Indians must gather on high ground. A might flood shall follow. The water and mud will sweep the white race and all. Indian skeptics away to their deaths. Then the dead Indian ancestors will return, as will the vanished buffalo and other game, and everything on Earth will once again be an Indian paradise.” 1


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